Feel free to play around with the logo and the text and delete those after you know how to add your own stuff!
Just add "?edit" (no quotes!) to the current address and start editing this page! For example http://your.hotglue.me/?edit
Hi there!
Wondering how to begin?
You will be asked for your username and password, and once you have entered those you are in 'editing mode'!

Once in editing mode:
- A single click anywhere (on an empty canvas) gives you a toolset to add new elements, for example a text field.
- A double click gives you a toolset that allows you to change the properties of a page, or make a new one.
- Adding .PNG or .JPEG images can simply be done by drag-and-drop action, that goes for animated GIF too!
Update your browser to the latest version!
Hotglue loves Firefox 3.6+